TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media applications over the past two years by roping users in to its “For You” page feature that curates and targets videos directly to your liking. This creates a huge advantage for small businesses looking to market their products to a larger audience.  


Here are 5 tips on how to best utilize this app to market your small business: 

 1. Know your Target Market 

No matter what your age or what your interests are, there will be content on the app that you will find appealing. Seeing there is such a wide scope of content found on the app, as a small business you should have a specified target market you are looking to reach when you begin posting on TikTok. This could include categories such as geographical or behavioral features.  


2. Staying on Trend 

Like most marketing and social media applications, TikTok is a fast-moving, ever-changing platform with an extreme number of users. Therefore, trends on the app cycle quickly and can sometimes be hard to keep up with. However, being in line with the latest trends can be a great way to get your page attention and possibly get your video to go viral.  


Typically, certain songs, dances, or video styles trend on the app for short periods of time and videos that follow them tend to receive more engagement. Whether you’re just using a trendy song in the background while showing your products or having people on your team do a trending dance, being able to notice and utilize trends can help your business get the attention it is aiming for.  

 3. Post Often 

Due to TikTok’s algorithm, it may be difficult to keep consistent views or activity on your page. But a way to tackle this is by posting as often as you possibly can. The more content you are putting out there to be consumed, the higher the chances you have at getting a video to go viral.  

 4. Utilize Hashtags 

Hashtags are known to be a helpful tool on many different social media platforms. Using hashtags in your posts that are trending can be a simple way to increase your chances of getting your content seen.  

 5. Use Influencers 

As most social media platforms have proven, partnering with influencers can be a beneficial tactic for your business or brand. Building relationships with influencers is a great strategy if you are unsure of how to post on your own page.  


By sending your products to an influencer and contracting with them to make a video promoting your brand can result in extreme attention on your business. Taking time to research influencers that align with your brand’s values and target market is very important to find the right partnership that will speak to the audience you are trying to reach. 


Overall, TikTok has shown us a new and exciting way to share our lives, ideas, and brands. Even though the platform may seem daunting, the best way to get started is to do your research and just start creating. Keep in mind, getting your TikTok to grow may take time but once you find a way to navigate the app for your brand’s marketing needs, it can be a very effective way to generate awareness and leads for your business. 


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