Trader Joe’s is a unique player in the grocery industry. The private label retail chain is reputable for its fresh format and gourmet and organic food options. Not to mention, there’s truly no other place like it. Where else are you greeted by friendly employees in Hawaiian shirts who offer you free granola?  

Many of Trader Joe’s food items are crowd favorites. Though, like most companies, the chain is facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Competing stores are investing in online-shopping options to accommodate customers during the health crisis. Trader Joe’s, on the other hand, does not sell products online nor does it intend to invest in e-grocery. Moving forward, retaining customers will not be an easy task as shoppers gravitate toward value-added items and more inexpensive alternatives.  

Luckily, Trader Joe’s has an army of influencers to help promote its products.  

Trader Joe’s cult-like following isn’t new. In fact, it was trending last year. For a company that doesnt provide coupons or rewards incentives, the dozens of independent influencer accounts dedicated to its products function as a magnet for traffic.  

This fall, we’re seeing these influencers rave about pumpkin spice, harvest apple salad, pumpkin pancake mix and more. Their posts receive tons of engagement. User @traderjoeslist has 1.3M followers, @traderjoesobsessed has 381K, and @traderjoesfoodreviews has 192K. Not only are these accounts driving the need for seasonal items through photos and recipes, they’re meeting their target audience where they are. These influencer pages are doing the marketing legwork for Trader Joe’s, leaving them to focus on delivering quality products to customers.  

If your firm is interested in influencer marketing to boost exposure, let’s get the conversation going. 


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