“What if I told you none of this was accidental” –Taylor Swift, the song Mastermind from the album Midnights 

Taylor Swift is a well-known mastermind of commanding her audience’s attention and engagement. Her most recent album release, 2022’s “Midnights,” was rolled out with a carefully planned and comprehensive launch campaign and subsequently became an instant hit, building hype for Swift’s highly publicized “Eras” tour. 

The burning question, from a marketing perspective, is would “Midnights” have had the same anticipation and instant success without all the choreographed release? We all know the value of Taylor Swift as a brand but there’s no denying that her team’s attention to detail and strategy bolsters her star power. Her fans’ undying brand loyalty is the result of countless strategic communication plans over the span of her career since her debut album was released in 2006.  

Beyond branding, a strategic communications plan is a must. Rarely does a product launch and become an instant overnight success. It takes planning, strategy, and many brainstorming sessions. Yes, even Taylor’s team took the time to plan out the launch of “Midnights.”  

There’s no denying the level of devotion of “Swifties” or the lengths they will go to support the career of their favorite pop idol. With one of the largest fan bases, it is safe to say that at least among her target audience, Swift’s music will always have some level of commercial success. Most brands can only dream of this level of devotion, but part of what makes Taylor Swift as a brand so compelling is that she’s managed to expand her reach beyond the Swifties to appeal to a broader target market. Whether well-established or lesser-known, there are plenty of notes to be taken from the Taylor Swift school of marketing.   

Key take aways from the release of “Midnights”:  

  • Design your campaign with a steady flow of announcements on channels that matter most. Determining what channels work for your brand is crucial to staying in front of the right audience, this might mean multiple channels.  
  • Understand the potential of traditional and digital media in your paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) media mix. Your brand needs to know when to spend money and when to use organic growth on your channels to reach your target audience. 
  • Communicate authentically. It’s no secret that you can build consumer trust and loyalty by being transparent to gain the respect of your audience, especially if you are asking them to spend their money on your product. 
  • Tease your audience with sneak peeks at the new product. Entice them, make them want more and grab their attention.  
  • Update your channels with relevant content consistently. Incorporate written and visual content to draw in your audience and hold their attention. 
  • Don’t wait until you have something to sell to talk to consumers. Stay relevant through authentic and regular content that speaks to your target audience. 

When you’re planning your next product launch, it’s crucial to take the time to plan out every step of the way (even if your name is Taylor Swift).  If you don’t know where to begin, consult a quality team that will develop and execute your strategic communications plan, like Baker Public Relations.  

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