In our last Baker Public Relations blog post, we wrote about how you can effectively use videos to appeal to consumers. But some key elements, technology and equipment are needed in order to do so.  

So, let’s talk tech with our Media Strategist and Senior Account Executive Barry Wygel, who also serves as our inhouse videographer. Here are some tips Barry offers: 

Having the right camera: In an age when many people shoot everything on their cell phones, having a highquality camera can take your videos from mediocre to professional grade. At Baker Public Relations, we use the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K. This camera allows our team to adjust the focus, lighting and depth — which a cell phone is not be able to perfect.  

Spotlighting the lights: Have you ever seen a behindthescenes video or photo shoot? Both have common piece of equipment that takes priority on the set: lighting. That’s because lighting is what makes or breaks videos and photos. If you don’t have proper lighting, there could be glares, shadows and an overall poor-quality outcome. So, at Baker Public Relations, we use 3-point lighting.  

  • One main light points directly at the subject 
  • Another light — called the fill light — is to one side, filling out the shadows 
  • The third light — called the hair light — separates the subject from the background 

Turning up the audio: And finallymicrophones. Without good microphones, what’s the point of producing videos? All videos need sound to help bring them to life. At Baker Public Relations, we use two types. One is a stick microphone. This is what you usually see news reporters holding when they are out covering a story. Another is wireless microphone. These work best for sitdown interviews, interactive videos, and times when you need your hands for expressive gestures.  

High-quality equipment and proper technology are essential when it comes to producing professional videos to show consumers what you have to offer. Have questions or want to schedule a meeting to discuss how we can help you with video production? Give Baker Public Relations a call at (518) 426-4099.  

Thank you for talking tech with us! 

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