There are many facets in planning and executing a successful public relations campaign. Having a PR professional on your team can help you find a targeted approach that works. However, achieving your initial PR goals may take up to a year.

Once you’ve decided that you want to seek the help of a PR agency to increase exposure to your brand or business, one of the first steps is talking about your strategic plan. A big part of your PR plan includes goal setting, including both long term and short term goals. Your strategic plan is how you get there. Taking a look back on previous strategies can help determine which campaigns did and did not work.

Setting Goals

Some common goals in a PR campaign are to bring attention to a new product, bring awareness to a company entering a new market, or bring awareness to a company experiencing a slow market.

A PR professional will know how to align a client’s business objectives with strategies on how to share key messages.


At Baker PR we hold messaging sessions to target your key audiences, influencers and stakeholders. We work with you to determine your band’s voice, one that resonates with your audience and connects with them in a meaningful way. It is important to ask why you do what you do first, not what, to avoid cliché marketing jargon.

These two facets together help align the brands core values with the mission and vision.

To talk more about your brand’s strategy or to set up a messaging session with Baker Public Relations, feel free to contact us at 518-426-4099.

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