Hard to believe another year has gone by. Time for those pesky New Year’s resolutions. People are heading to gyms, working on their finances, and much more. Everyone wants to reach their set goals for the new year, 2020. While many goals are personal, have you thought about your business and professional goals?

Here are some quick tips to help you achieve the professional success you desire:

Commit to Your Goals: Sticking to a New Year’s resolution for an entire year can be tricky. So, we recommend you focus on one portion at a time, whether that means going day-by-day or task-by-task. For example, if you know building a bigger team will help your business, take it one interview or one hiring process at a time. An additional team member can make quite a difference and bring you closer to your end goal. Here’s a Forbes article that discusses ways to find and hire good employees using the 7 C’s.

Share Your Goals: Sharing the goals you’ve set for the company with your employees always helps. Communicating with those around you about what you hope to see in the months to come will give you a strong support system that’s ready to work with you hand in hand.

Set a Deadline: Getting to the finish line is the most rewarding part of any race. So, creating a deadline can keep you motivated throughout the entire year. For instance, if you’re looking to expand to a different city or town, you’re going to need a strategic plan. This outlines the process and how to get there with dates for each step you take. Baker Public Relations has helped many companies develop strategic plans and the outcomes speak for themselves.

Reward Yourself: Trying to change something in an impactful way for an entire year can be overwhelming. Marking the calendar with rewards can help you stay motivated. Let’s say you want to reach a certain business income point. To do so, consider giving your employees (and yourself) something to look forward to — rewards — along the journey. This way, everyone will keep selling, working well with clients, and doing all they can to earn that prize.

Baker Public Relations has the tools, tactics and expertise to enable your business to reach its 2020 goals. Let us help by providing video production, public relations, and marketing services and much more. We encourage you to call us at (518) 426-4099. You can also learn more about what we do by going to our website.

Happy New Year,
Baker Public Relations

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