Remember your first day as an intern? Deciding what to wear, what to say and what you can bring to the table to set yourself apart was probably front of mind. 

It is an exciting opportunity to dip your toe in the “real world” off campus, find out what you are interested in outside of the classroom and expand your network of connections for future employment. 

Baker Public Relations is proud to have two interns on our team for the summer: Cynthia Zych, a senior at Le Moyne College and Drew Van Heusen, a senior at Siena College. 

We sat down with Cynthia and Drew to get their advice on how to secure an internship, how to make an excellent first impression and what they have learned so far.  

Q: What tips can you give for landing an internship? 

CZ: “Companies get a ton of emails and resumes each day. Call the hiring manager on the phone to make sure they received it. When you get a real interview, if it’s on zoom, make sure you have a good background!” 

DV: “Utilize your connections. I work at Hank Hudson Brewing Company who is a client at Baker Public Relations. I had the chance to meet a Baker PR team member at the brewery during an event, followed up with them after, dropped off my resume at the office and secured an interview.” 

Q: What is your advice to prepare for an interview? 

CZ: “Do fake interviews with your friends to help with nerves and really think about your answers. Practice makes perfect. Dress appropriately and be confident.” 

DV: “Get up early, block out all distractions and envision your success. An interview is your chance to showcase yourself.” 

Q: Alright, you got the gig! It’s the first day. Now what? 

CZ: “Be eager but be polite. Leave your positive mark; they will remember that.” 

DV: “Before going in, do your best to familiarize yourself with the company. Review their website, meet the team page and social media platforms.” 

Q: How do you make an impact as an intern? 

CZ: “Speak up to have your voice heard. Ask questions and share ideas. Ask for tasks to complete. Do things you wouldn’t do in the classroom or at home.” 

DV: “Make sure that you are in control of everything that is in your power, like showing up early, offering help and optimizing your time.” 

Q: What have you learned so far about the field of public relations? 

CZ: “Having a good working relationship with your clients is so important. I‘m also surprised by the amount of work! Especially projects you wouldn’t necessarily think of like creating social media content or picking up tables for an event.” 

DV: “I underestimated the multitasking required to maintain multiple client accounts. Details are key because there are so many moving parts. I’ve learned that it is a very rewarding field because you can see the gratitude from clients.”  

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