There are many moving parts when it comes to planning an event. Whether celebrating the opening of a new building or inviting the community to commemorate years of service as a local business, it is crucial that the event runs smoothly.

Here are a few tips to start the planning:

  1. When designing an invitation, stick to the organization’s brand colors and fonts. It is all in the aesthetic.
  2. Develop an invitation list and add an RSVP section to track the headcount before the event date.
  3. Send the invitations at least three weeks in advance. Then, follow up every few days to collect attendees’ responses.

Once action items are complete in advance of the event, the planning does not stop. At Baker Public Relations, we suggest packing all provisions for the big day.

Ensure preparation by bringing these small – but vital items: 

  1. Planning a ribbon cutting? Large scissors, check – but do not forget an additional small pair for staff. These will come in handy if the ribbon needs to be measured and trimmed before the program.
  2. The building doors should be open to welcome invited guests. Therefore, be sure to bring two to four door stoppers, especially if the doors tend not to stay open themselves.
  3. Print out and bring agendas and speaker talking points. This will ensure clients are prepared and the program runs smoothly. 

Looking for more helpful tips and tricks? Check out the Baker Public Relations Instagram Reels Series, “PR with the Pros.” Need help planning an event? Visit our website or call our office at (518) 426-4099.

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