As part of our business philosophy, we are constantly researching and working to understand how clients and customers want to connect with brands and businesses. It is valuable information that we use to advise our clients as we put together their public relations and marketing plans. One theme that has become more and more prominent in recent years is that customers want to feel a personal connection to a brand. People want to do business with companies and people they like, trust and respect. It’s a feeling that has exploded in this social media era and needs to be taken into account by company leaders 

Connecting on a personal level with your customers can take the form of staff profiles on social media, behindthescenes posts, newsletters featuring company updates, and responding to social media comments and questions honestly and efficiently.  

Corporate responsibility is another term we hear more and more often. The best corporations and businesses consider themselves part of their local community and work to stay involved. In the past, a volunteer day of employees cleaning up a roadside or volunteering at an event was not only to help in the communityit was also a teambuilding exerciseHowever, events like that now have an additional purpose — to show your customers and potential customers where your values lie. 

When advising clients about ideas for events, giveback days, webinars or giveaways, we almost always recommend partnering with a local nonprofit group. Especially during the COVID-19 health crisis, local nonprofits have been struggling. Seeing your brand supporting great causes can help strengthen the bond between businesses and customers.  

When planning your next teambuilding event, remember that a volunteer giveback day can accomplish many goals. Among them are bringing your team together to grow, showing your employees you value community involvement, and — when properly promoted – achieving public relations objectives. 

Planning a fundraiser for a local charity can be effective as well. By having employees organize such an event, you can ensure that media and social media mentions include your brand. Businesses should seriously consider leveraging their brand to help others.  

By promoting corporate responsibility initiatives, you not only help great causes, you increase awareness of your brand and enhance brand loyalty. If you need ideas about how to communicate your corporate values with customers, give us a call. Whave many exciting ideas to share! 

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