Your Association Lacks Internal Communication? Here’s Why:  

Having well-organized and clear internal communication is vital for any association’s success. It is nearly impossible to manage any external business if internal issues arise. 

Associations face a unique struggle of usually being led by volunteers. While most of these volunteers are passionate about the work they do, their time may be limited due to full-time jobs or other obligations. In short—volunteers leading volunteers is not easy. 

Your Association Lacks Accessibility 

Volunteers have limited time. If information is not clearly communicated, volunteers will have difficulties completing tasks efficiently and on time. Present information in a digestible way. Long emails or text messages often lead one to lack interest and miss key information. Instead, use different methods to present information. Using bullet points in written messages and announcements is a perfect way to highlight important details with neat structure.  

Your Association Finds it Hard to Maintain Communications 

Volunteers are not always available—which is okay—and normal. Keeping in touch with workers who are available at different times of the month or year is essential. Though it would be ideal to converse with each volunteer every week or month, it might not be feasible. Instead, consider creating newsletters to send out to all volunteers and employees. A monthly or bi-weekly newsletter helps maintain relationships with workers and serves as a means to distribute any new updates or important company-related information. 

Newsletters can also serve as a way to boost morale. Do not be afraid to add sections that highlight internal events or employees. Some fun ideas to add to newsletters can be motivational quotes, healthy competitions or infographics. Read here for more ideas. 

Your Association Doesn’t Ask for Feedback 

Often, associations lack communication because messages are one-sided. Another way to maintain contact is to ask volunteers and/or employees for feedback. This can be done through anonymous forms or one-on-one meetings. Ask if the internal communication is working or if company habits should be altered. Do not be insulted if any negative feedback arises—acknowledging issues can only strengthen your organization. 

Our team is working diligently to help associations succeed. To learn how we can help push your business forward in 2022, contact our office today.   

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