Is your Instagram page in need of some updating? Having an Instagram is like having another page to your website. People go to your profile to meet you! It is a place to showcase your brand, participate in a culture, and advertise your product. We could talk about different types of content all day long, but for this blog post, let’s talk about first impressions.    

Aside from what you are promoting, people need to like the way you display your content. Designing your profile and grid to be esthetically pleasing takes some strategy that Baker PR is here to help you with. To get started, here are five things you can do to take your Instagram to the next level. 


Your profile is a chance for you to give your followers a snapshot into what you are all about. This is the first thing a user looks at when clicking on your account, so make it POP!  

  1. Your Name. What do people call you? What is your company or brand name? Use a special font or bolded letters to make this text stand out. The uniqueness of the text adds depth to your bio, keeping it interesting for your viewers and on brand.  
  2. Industry or Service. What industry are you in? Here is your opportunity to put your account into a category. Travel, athlete, beauty, lifestyle, etc. If you provide a service, add CTA buttons for easy contact.   
  3. Stand Out. This is the place to show your personality! Your followers should want to become your friend or follow your business to learn more about you. Add interests, titles, quotes, tag lines; the sky is the limit!   


You are only aloud one link in your bio on Instagram, so make sure you choose carefully. If you are interested in including more than one link in your bio, a Linktree can be a good option. Linktree is essentially a hub on your Instagram that can link to your website, other social media channels, media coverage, blog posts, videos, and more. Whether you are a content creator or businesses, this gives you the opportunity to extend your brand and provide you audience more valuable content.  


Let’s talk colors. Choosing a color pallet for your feed is like painting a perfect picture. A color pallet of two to three colors will create a polished and professional look, gaining credibility for your account. A good way to create a cohesive grid is to select a filter to apply on every photo, giving your page a unified look. When selecting colors to use for graphics, it’s important to use your official brand colors, keeping all marketing channels consistent. 


Designing covers for your highlight reels contributes to the cohesiveness of your feed. The goal is to have your highlights emphasizing the main theme of your brand. Canva is a free, user-friendly platform that allows you to design covers and easily download to your device.  


Reels and short videos create so much personality for your profile and prove to enhance engagement, but they don’t always appear nicely on your grid. Remember what we talked about with colors? This is where it is important to remember the overall vibe of your grid. Regardless of the cover you choose, make sure it falls in line with your grid. You can use a screenshot from the video, a graphic or a photo, just remember consistency is KEY! 

These five tips are a great way to improve your Instagram page. At Baker Public Relations, we work with you to create a polished and professional social media presence that is on brand with your company. What other steps are you taking to bring your Instagram account to the next level?  

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