Whether you’re formulating a long-term or short-term plan, hiring a public relations firm such as Baker Public Relations can help shape your business for the future. This is especially true as we face uncertainty. Public relations services are incredibly important for you to consider as a business leader

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in public relations: 

  1. Build brand reputation of trust and credibility. Unlike marketing, which tends to focus on telling the consumer that they should trust a brand, PR works to demonstrate trust by building credibility When a company has an article written about it or connects with clients through social media, the public can be prompted to learn more about the brand without feeling the pressure to take immediate action. Furthermore, building trust can be achieved through transparency in how business is conducted and how the company relates to the community. 
  2. An organization can manage its own story and message. Much of PR focuses on creating a compelling narrative that builds upon existing knowledge to describe what a brand represents and why it stands outThis is regularly achieved through social media and traditional mediaRather than paying for ads or hiring someone to write an article, PR convinces sources why its worth covering. This not only connects to the credibility aspect of PR, but also utilizes the power of the media for brand awareness and growth.
  3. Helps prepare for the worst. Having a company’s first media interaction be negative can cause lasting damage. If something happens that casts a brand in a negative light, having an existing image of trust and positivity serves as an effective safety net. It will make navigating the problem easier as it provides examples of how it’s not a complete or accurate representation of the company.  This has become incredibly important over the past few years as large companies have faced backlash and even legal proceedings. While many have been able to bounce back, others still struggle to overcome the damage to their reputation.
  4. Covid-19 and businessThe ongoing pandemic has caused many companies to reevaluate how they do business, including taking waitandwatch approach. By investing in or maintaining focus on PR, a company exudes positivity while continuing to promote its brand.Considering that a high percentage of media coverage has focused on the health and economic effects of COVID-19, demonstrating that it’s business as usual helps companies create a sense of normalcy and avoid perceptions of internal struggles.
  5. Recruitment. PR aims to cement a brand in the minds of consumers whenever they want a specific product the company offers. What about those looking for a job?  With more and more college graduates seeking employment, its necessary to attract knowledgeable and qualified candidates to join your team. This fosters company growth and brings in new minds and experiences to help companies continue to evolve. By having a strong PR presence, whether it’s via social media or articles written about the company, candidates will have a better sense of company culture and what makes the organization special.  

Public relations can dramatically leverage a company and help it stand out against competitors. Despite new challenges due to COVID-19, there are many ways that a brand can continue to utilize the benefits of PR If you are interested is working with a public relations firm, contact us today.

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