As a premier builder of upscale and affordable apartment housing in 15 states across the eastern and southern United States, The NRP Group is a highly respected developer of living spaces accessible to all. The company maintains offices in 14 major cities, including Upstate New York and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

While developing a 72-unit affordable housing project called Selkirk Reserve in the town of Bethlehem, New York, The NRP Group encountered an unprecedented year-long residential building moratorium enacted by the town’s government. The NRP Group and the town of Bethlehem agreed that NRP would not pursue a moratorium waiver; in return, the town assured that construction could begin in early 2022.

However, in October 2021, the town began serious consideration of an extension to the residential building moratorium. Subsequently, The NRP Group applied for a moratorium waiver and retained Baker Public Relations to mount a public pressure campaign on the town planning board, board members and supervisor

Baker Public Relations immediately crafted a strategic awareness campaign including an e-newsletter for distribution to The NRP Group’s many local supporters. This e-newsletter, which published three editions in its initial week, served as a call to action and a central clearinghouse for information to attend virtual board meetings. It also included suggested talking points and how to communicate with board members. A follow-up flyer campaign included easy-to-understand FAQs on the proposed development, and QR codes connecting readers to virtual hearing links and contacts for local, regional, state and federal government representatives.

After Baker Public Relations orchestrated the initial educational campaign, the town planning board recommended a moratorium waiver be granted to The NRP Group. In the weeks following, Baker Public Relations continued its e-newsletter and flyer campaign while also securing The NRP Group two interviews with the local newspaper and the business publication. This resulted in three articles and an editorial board op-ed, all in support of the Selkirk Reserve development. 

Just before Christmas, the town board and supervisor relented and granted only one developer a waiver from the town-wide building moratorium: The NRP Group. Thanks to efforts from Baker Public Relations, Selkirk Reserve was able to move into the building review process on-schedule in early 2022. 

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