Bob Stein | Copy Editor | Strategy Director

Bob has over 35 years experience in the marketing and communications field, including 17 years leading the marketing and communications efforts at three universities.

Beyond his extensive higher ed experience, Bob has also served as a Public Relations Specialist and Copywriter at an advertising agency, as a Communications Director for a US congressman, as a VP for Marketing and Communications at a United Way, and as a consultant and staff person with several political campaigns and advocacy organizations.

Throughout his professional career, Bob has been heavily involved in virtually every facet of marketing, public relations and communications, including strategic planning, media relations, government relations, event planning and crisis communications.

With respect to crisis communications, he has had far more direct experience than he would have chosen for himself. While this may be to the detriment of Bob’s mental wellbeing, his experience in crisis communications has proven to be a benefit to the clients and organizations for which he has worked.

A skilled and versatile writer, Bob has written it all: op eds, major speeches, columns, press releases, event scripts, feature stories, newsletters, magazines, brochures, direct mail solicitations, and copy for the web and TV, radio and print ads.

His writing can move his readers to sometimes laugh and even sometimes cry, but always to think, reflect and take action.

Bob lives in Saratoga Springs and has three grown children and four grandchildren. He enjoys camping, hiking and canoeing, is an avid baseball fan, and despite his advancing age and increasing aches and pains, still plays in a competitive softball league.