Baker Public Relations is a proud public relations partner for The New York State Association of County Health Officials (NYSACHO), for whom our team has executed various strategic campaigns since 2019.  

Most recently, NYSACHO retained Baker Public Relations to produce three commercials varying in length from short to long form, with messaging that demonstrated the need to support local health departments during the New York state budget process.   

Baker Public Relations produced the video project in conjunction with a comprehensive marketing campaign, encouraging New Yorkers to become vaccinated against influenza and COVID-19. Baker Public Relations provided media relations and a two-phased plan, which included digital advertising and additional video production. Our team exceeded client expectations, executing two commercials within a one-month window and garnered media coverage that was outside the scope of work. The digital advertising reached 80,000 people within the initial four-day span with the client only spending $80 at a one-dollar rate per thousand impressions. In comparison, the average response is closer to $10 per thousand impressions. The KPI’s of phase two will be completed in April 2022.  

In 2020, NYSACHO retained Baker Public Relations again for a back-to-school immunization campaign. The goal was to increase statewide awareness about the safety and importance of vaccinations and to create a call to action for families to schedule vaccination appointments. This campaign included digital and traditional advertising, video production and the creation of marketing material.  


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