Six-Month Social Media and Public Relations Campaign 

In January 2022, a premiere Psychiatrist and former Medical Director of the Saratoga Hospital Mental Health Unit, Manuel Astruc, M.D., contracted Baker Public Relations to promote and create brand awareness for a new psychiatric alternative modality to treat depression in the Saratoga Springs area.   

Baker Public Relations developed a comprehensive content marketing plan that uses existing social channels to deliver valuable, educational content to organically attract Manuel Astruc’s ideal audience: successful entrepreneurs suffering from depression. Baker Public Relations built a social media storytelling framework around the demographics, pain points, challenges, goals, values, objections and biggest felt needs of this ideal audience. Baker Public Relations also re-branded the Manuel Astruc, M.D. social media accounts to best appeal to this demographic. The content produced, which includes vertical and horizontal format video, static graphics and carousels, positions Manuel Astruc, M.D., as an industry thought leader in depression solutions.  

In addition, Baker Public Relations is contracted to run ads on social media to generate leads for this new psychiatric modality using a tool called a “lead magnet,” a valuable resource for entrepreneurs struggling with depression. In exchange for the useful resource, the potential lead is required to add their email address. All campaign efforts and calls to action culminate to this point, where Baker Public Relations generates valuable leads for the client.   

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