Kindred, located in downtown Saratoga Springs, N.Y., is a restaurant that focuses on delivering quality wine and fine dining in a friendly and casual atmosphere. It makes wine accessible to all guests, even those that don’t consider themselves wine connoisseurs. Owned and operated by Ryan and Sonja McFadden, who also own the neighboring Henry Street Taproom, Kindred was born out of the idea of delving into trends showing increased curiosity by millennials in the wine industry. 

Hoping to gain attention and awareness prior to its grand opening in June 2023, the McFaddens engaged with Baker Public Relations for a 60-day project to leverage buzz and organic content to build brand recognition. Baker Public Relations developed a work plan that utilized media relations and influencer marketing. 

At the beginning of the engagement, Baker Public Relations generated a curated list of local media, identifying print and broadcast journalists. The media outlets selected had a strong presence and influence in the Capital Region, as well as large reach beyond Saratoga Springs, which could position Kindred as a must-visit destination. Targeted pitches were developed and sent individually to each reporter on the media list, which increased the likelihood the story would be picked up. Journalists conducted one-on-one interviews and took photos and videos in the space, showcasing the story behind Kindred, as well as its Instagram-worthy décor and appetizing offerings.

Baker Public Relations secured several local print and broadcast media placements before and after the opening, with interviews running in the following outlets: Times Union Digital, Times Union Business, Saratoga Living, Albany Business Review, Saratoga Business Journal, WTEN and Spectrum News. These media placements had a total advertising equivalency of $96,065.56.  

In addition to media relations, Baker Public Relations applied its deep connections with local influencers to build out a soft opening event exclusively for them. Holding an influencer-only event established excitement around the opening and produced enticing content that was exclusive to each influencer. The exclusivity of the event allowed Baker Public Relations to secure influencers at no extra cost because the content was provided in exchange for product and a sneak peek of the space.  

Through its relationships, Baker Public Relations guaranteed the attendance of nine influencers, with a total follower reach of 583,472. The influencers who attended are as follows: Danielle Desantis (@danielledesantis), Jenna Hotaling (@jennarochelle), Ashley Salvadore (@ashleysalvadore92), Emily Becker (@emmbecks), Jenn Saviono (@bitemeshowny), Torey Chenette (@motivachen), Linda Chiou (@xolinda), Isabella Marchese (@marchese.isabella) and Eleina Hinch (@eleinahinch).  

Each of the nine influencers who attended posted multiple stories during the event, and five composed dedicated feed posts for Kindred. Baker Public Relations also developed an impactful Instagram reel that captured the essence of the night to generate further buzz and maximize reach among the target audience. Following the influencer event, Kindred saw an increase of 342 Instagram followers in 72 hours.  

The combination of traditional media and digital content allowed Kindred to gain exposure to new audiences through voices its target audience already trusted. Through expansive marketing and communications knowledge and tools, Baker Public Relations achieved phenomenal results that will assist in the further growth and brand awareness of Kindred. 

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