LATHAM, N.Y. — Integra Optics, a global provider of carrier-grade fiber optics components, today announced a new solution designed to give network engineers the power to quickly and easily reconfigure transceivers for any network hardware. The Smart Coder+ adds new capabilities designed to increase efficiency and uptime, and give field technicians the power to code and recode how and when they need it.

Integra Optics first recognized the industrywide need for the device as more customers were coming to them in the midst of a merger or acquisition. With the shift toward 5G and the convergence of fixed/wireless, this industry trend does not show any signs of slowing down. Navigating multi-network and multi-platform integrations and maintain inventory for each OEM and wavelength across multiple networks is now a much more common issue facing engineers.

One of the most practical and tech-friendly tools for the telecommunications industry, the Smart Coder+ is portable and compact – making Integra optics usable for any network hardware at a moment’s notice. This new generation device now allows for the recoding of Integra transceivers in all current form factors from 1G through 100G, for over 50+ OEM platforms. Transceivers can be recoded as many times as necessary, allowing customers to protect initial investments and free up idle assets that were once needed to maintain stock piles of optics for every OEM.

The solution plugs directly into a laptop USB port. A user-friendly web interface displays all optical power, coding history and diagnostics. Users select desired coding configuration and the solution programs the Integra transceiver for the specific hardware. The Smart Coder+ app also features remote engineering support, allowing techs to work with Integra engineers in real time.

“The Smart Coder has helped our customers to eliminate entirely the challenges of integrating networks. By giving engineers added flexibility in the field, they no longer need to anticipate for downtime as they work to turn over their system,” said Integra Optics CEO/CTO David Prescott. “The device is a perfect example of our focus on giving engineers the tools they need to keep networks up and running while protecting their investment with us.”

Customers such as Jaguar Communications note a competitive edge with Integra’s Smart Coder – saving hours in transceiver configurations.

“Jaguar purchased optics for a DWDM project in multiple cities. It was complex and involved coding for two OEMs in multiple wavelengths,” said a network administrator with Jaguar Communications. “The other vendor sent us bad optics and the troubleshooting lasted several days. Integra shipped us two tunables and using Integra’s Smart Coder, we were able to turn up our network faster. The project was completed on time thanks to the fast action of Integra. I have discovered that what initially looks like a good deal is not the entire price.”

“Our network uses multiple vendors’ equipment and we’ve been able to recode optics as needed depending on the equipment being deployed,” said another network administrator. “This means we don’t have to keep a stock of optics for each type of equipment; we only stock and code as needed.

 The next-generation Smart Coder+ is available now. Visit Integra Optics for more information on the Smart Coder, Smart Coder+, and to speak with an optics expert.

About Integra Optics:
Integra Optics is the company that understands that business and consumer end users expect their internet and phones to work 100% of the time. That’s why Integra Optics is 100% focused on uptime. Our mission is to ensure that our customers turn up services faster, build out the fiber networks they need to be competitive, and keep them up and running.



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