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DerOhannesian & DerOhannesian is an Albany, NY-based law firm specializing in criminal civil case litigation and defense. Since 2008, Baker Public Relations has worked closely with Paul DerOhannesian, II, handling all aspects of media relations, especially in high-profile cases.  

One of the most recent opportunities in which Baker PR pitched Paul DerOhannesian II was during the Harvey Weinstein caseIn May 2018, Baker PR contacted an Associated Press Reporter known to cover Weinstein’s legal situation. As the trial began to unfold, the reporter and Baker PR reconnected to discuss DerOhannesians expertise. In January 2020, Baker PR set up an interview for DerOhannesian with the reporter, leading to the client being quoted in over 130 publications 

As the trial continued, Baker PR’s connection with the Associated Press Reporter resulted in another interview during the time of the verdict. DerOhannesian was once again quoted, resulting in another wide pickup of publications. Additional placements included the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. 

In December 2015, Bill Cosby’s arrest on sexual assault charges gave Baker PR an opportunity to pitch DerOhannesian’s expertise to national media outlets. In that pitch, we referenced DerOhannesian’s 22 years as head of the Albany County DA’s Special Assault Unit and authorship of Sexual Assault Trials, which is currently in its fourth edition. The pitch was seen by a reporter at, a leading online newspaper covering the entertainment industry which sees about 3.5 million visitors monthly. DerOhannesian was quoted extensively in an article about the legal challenges Cosby faces in court. That same reporter has come back to use DerOhannesian as a source in separate, high-profile cases in the national eye. 

Baker Public Relations has also done extensive content creation in maintaining an up-to-date website for the law firm. This includes scheduling photo shoots, posting the clients media coverage and drafting case studies on select court cases in which DerOhannesian has been involved. These range from estate administration and white-collar crime to sexual harassment and murder cases. 


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