Three Levels of Certification in Inclusive Social Development Available, Tuition Free 

COPAKE, N.Y. – The Camphill Academy at Camphill Village Copake is now offering resident students the option to study Social Agriculture and Biodynamic Studies, a concentration area within Inclusive Social Development. Students will have the opportunity to learn biodynamic agriculture and many aspects of inclusive community building. They will apply what they learn while living in Camphill Village Copake’s social-therapeutic community. It is the only English-language program of its kind.

Inclusive Social Development is the art of building inclusive communities within which individuals of all abilities can find wholeness in life and biographical fulfillment. Practitioners bring a holistic, transdisciplinary approach to working with individuals living at Camphill Village Copake, including social work, human services, medicine, psychology, and nursing, as well as the arts, agriculture, and community building.

This curriculum is designed and taught by experienced farmers, gardeners and social therapists within Camphill, with a focus in two areas: Biodynamic Agriculture – ‘renewing the land’ and Inclusive Social Development – ‘renewing ourselves and others. This weaving of intentions makes this program unique, and it provides pathways leading to three levels of certification.

The Foundation Studies Program (one year) leads to a Certificate in Foundation Studies in Anthroposophical Inclusive Social Development. It may be used to fulfill foundation studies requirements for many other anthroposophy courses. The Paraprofessional Certification Program (three years) is an intermediate level qualification which includes a one-year internship in an assistant capacity. The Diploma Program (five years) is awarded after completion of years three and four (full-time) and an additional six to 12-month internship. The diploma is recognized by the Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development.

Participants in the Inclusive Social Development programs will join Camphill Village Copake as resident students. They will be part of a house community including adults with developmental differences, as well as other students, volunteers and their families. Under the supervision of experienced mentors, they will be providing direct support and will be involved in all areas of the community’s life and work as determined by the curriculum.

For application information and to learn more about the program and its requirements, please visit

About Camphill Village Copake:
On 615 acres of wooded hills, gardens, and pastures in rural upstate New York, adults with developmental differences and long- and short-term service volunteers live and work together as equals in extended family homes throughout Camphill Village. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to our mission of being an integrated community where people with developmental differences are living a life of dignity, equality, and purpose.



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