Referencing the TU’s article published online on November 27th, the case involving the Shapiros and John Cole is a tragedy and I continue to keep all parties and their families in my prayers.

With respect to both this most recent and the past articles the Times Union has published concerning the trial and appeal of Cole’s Collision Centers’ owner, John Cole, Baker Public Relations did not respond to media requests and inaccuracies about its role out of respect for the judicial process, Judge Murphy and the parties. With the appeal decided and Mr. Cole beginning to serve his sentence, our agency now wishes to set the record straight and to correct prior inaccurate reporting.

Baker Public Relations does not represent Cole’s Collision Centers presently, nor did it during the trial of Mr. Cole.  When it was working on behalf of the company the scope of its work did not change since the agency was first engaged in December of 2012 for the grand opening of Cole’s Collision Centers’ Halfmoon location. In other words, contrary to what the trial court may have believed, Baker Public Relations was not part of any public relations effort involving the criminal case.  Any implications otherwise are simply false.

Baker Public Relations did not handle advertising buys or advertising schedules for Cole’s Collision Centers. Nor did the agency manage the Cole’s Collision Centers’ website, social media accounts or Cole’s Cares website.  The agency had no control over the use, including timing of use, of the marketing materials it had produced before the case commenced, all of which are owned by Cole’s Collision Centers.

Baker Public Relations regrets how its outreach and coordination with certain nonprofit organizations for Cole’s Collision Centers’ future advertising was misinterpreted especially because the organizations had all been previous and mostly longstanding partners with the company. Our agency respects the integral role each charity plays in the Capital Region community.

Baker Public Relations appreciates this chance to give its side of the story.


Megan Baker
President & CEO
Baker Public Relations, Inc.

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